How do I know what my kids are eating?

Prepare a lunchbox for them. When the leftovers come home you find out what was eaten and what has now become mush. 

It can be disheartening for a morning master piece of aesthetically pleasing co-ordination to be jiggled in a hot bag all day. The result at the end of the day is something unrecognizable requiring the correct PPE. 

Having food come home uneaten is not a disaster. It offers the opportunity to forensically gather an understanding of your child's food preferences that day or even a clue about what might have happened during lunchtime.

Some clues:

- The sandwich has fallen apart and a bite out of the cheese. Maybe the tomato went soggy on the bread? Perhaps the lettuce wilted in the heat? 

- Blueberries missing from the berry mix. Blueberry was a winner that day.

- The top of the cake was eaten (the end with the icing). A sweet tooth, maybe seek out some sweet fruits to try. 

- Food mostly untouched. An opportunity to ask about what happened at lunchtime that day. Were they rushed?

- Leaked out into the school bag. Maybe a different container for the watermelon?

If the lunchbox is empty every day your child could be eating it all or maybe diligently emptying leftovers in the bin.

The food that does come home need not to go in the rubbish bin. Our chickens favorite part of the day is finding out what they have as a treat. Equally useful is a worm farm, guinea pigs, or compost. 


Love My Lunchbox