Making a lunchbox faster

Your future self will thank you for opening a box full of fresh tasty delights. Your current self might not be as obliging stunned at the fridge door "didn't I go shopping yesterday?"

Here are some things which work for our family:

- Stocking up. Having ingredients ahead of time is definitely a time saver. A bag of apples easily lasts the week. A rockmelon can be eaten slice by slice, muffins from the freezer will thaw in time to eat. 

- Last night's protein from dinner can become filling for sandwich. Add some salad and it is a new creation. Chicken schnitzel with lettuce and mayonnaise is usually a winner (also cut the chicken into strips in a wrap). We usually need to cook extra schnitzel so we have leftover for lunch.

- Dried fruit. A quick one is having on hand a large bag of sultanas to pour some to the lunchbox compartment. Add a couple of dried apricots and it is a peckish snack.

- Empty lunchbox the day before. Starting on the back foot by finding the lunchbox still in our bag with leftovers is sometimes necessary however much more motivating to start from a clean slate. Perhaps at the same time as putting down keys/glasses in the evening, empty and rinse lunchbox. Or maybe placing in dishwasher after dinner. Tying this to something we already do regularly will quickly make it a habit.    

 - Making variety a weekly change rather than daily. It is nice to have variety however eating the same thing for the week can add consistency and make easier to buy bulk ingredients. This changes the question from "What to pack today?" to "Where is the honey?"

- Packing the night before or even packing for the week. I have seen this done however we have not been able to make it work for us. Maybe I need some more training to one day join the ranks of the hardcore meal preppers. 

The above is not exhaustive but a few starters to get the most out of your effort. checkout my facebook or instragram for more lunchbox elements. 


Love My Lunchbox