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Welcome to Love My Lunch Box

As a stay at home mum to 4 crazy kids and a wife to my hubby Brian, I am always looking for ways to show them I love them; even when I am not with them.

I have found over many years the difference I have made to my kids. The nutritious food choices they are now making for themselves, even forward planning what to eat that day. They also come home and tell stories of other kids wanting what they have. 

In time precious mornings of competing priorities, the lunchbox needs to be quick and easy to prepare. In our household the culprit is often the missing shoe, the morning rush to the door is hard enough without adding more. We now have built up 'go to' elements which fit with our kids tastes and are a staple on the shopping list. Every now and then we shake things up with a special surprise, putting smiles on little faces (and introducing new tastes). 

The products we sell are the same which we use. We seek out for high quality, durable and reusability. Filling the kitchen draw does not add any value and we all know how kids can be a bit rough from time to time. I want for you and your kids to use and use and use till the wheels fall off and then come back for that same one again. Please reach out for help when choosing so we can get the right fit for your family.

We also don't need to neglect ourselves, packing a lunch each day for yourself or significant other is good economics, environmentally responsible and one less decision to make during the day (gather together at the same time as preparing the kids lunch). 

I have a whole bunch of Lunchbox elements compiled on Facebook and Instagram for you to try with our products here at Love my lunchbox.


Love my Lunch Box