Spotlight- "Oasis" bottle product review

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I haven't got into blogging much. I enjoy writing, but I just don't seem to have the time or the confidence. My "style" isn't refined and my grammar is lacking. So I thought I would start very, very small, and just give you a bit info on one of my most popular products.

As far as drink bottles go, this is a favourite within our family because the Oasis keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. Unless of course you are my husband lol... So we are in the car and heading to the beach and I pull out my Oasis bottle to enjoy a cool refreshing drink. The outside was icy cold to touch, but as the water dribbles out, it was luke warm... WHAT?! I find out that my darling husband, filled it with tap water and put it in the fridge overnight with the lid on. Soooo it is so good at keeping the water the correct temp, that even in the fridge it will not cool down whilst the lid is on. 

This is my 7yo son's drink bottle of choice now-a-days, because since hanging out with his Narnie, he loves tea. He even likes to take it to school in the winter. It stays warm enough in the bottle that he was able to finish it when he comes home. 

The only downside to this bottle is that if dropped on concrete or thrown around it will dent and the paint will chip. but I have got accessories now that make this less likely. You can purchase a protective sleeve, pop top lid and a carabiner clip, if you wanted to hook it to a bag or buckle. 

The Oasis bottle comes in three sizes 500ml, 750ml and 1L. The large bottle is great for those outside workers or those that don't have much access to refill. It comes in loads of different colours and patterns, with 4 new colours coming out in mid Jan!! Stay tuned because they are amazing!

So really if you are looking for a great quality gift or you are sick of buying plastic drink bottles that break, or  the straws get lost, or the pop tops get mouldy, this is a great choice for you. It is strong, good looking and affordable. 


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