Icy Pop Molds - Ideas and Recipes

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Looking for a healthy treat for kids that is refreshing and delicious?

Our collection of reusable silicon icy pop molds are the answer!

The flavor combinations are endless, whatever your child tastes are these can be accommodated into a smoothie and poured into these great reusable molds for a refreshing summer treat.

I love products that save time and money while providing healthy and nourishing food for my children and these tick all the boxes.

They are perfect for fussy eaters as you cater for their taste buds, it may mean you water down the ingredients to start with but you can the gradually increase the amounts as their tastes develop.

Simple to use, blend your ingredients into a smoothie or use fresh fruit juice and pour 80mls into the mold. Pop the top on and place in your freezer. There is no need to stand them up as the top seals so if room is tight lay them down!

The great deign of these prevents drips from running down hands as it catches in the base and can be the drunk from the base. Happy days!

A few of our favorite combinations are:

  • Strawberry & watermelon with a scoop of yogurt
  • Mango and coconut water
  • Strawberry, chocolate topping and milk
  • Freshly squeezed oranges
  • Pear and Watermelon Juice
  • Iced coffee - what this mum needs most days!

    Another family favorite we do is we make our smoothies up the night before we head to the beach, pop    them in the freezer and in the morning we put them in a cooler bag and head off for our morning fun when the kids start getting hungry they have their morning smoothie, which then keeps them going!

    We also some days just fill them with water and it is that simple refreshing crunchy treat that they love!

    When winter comes around they don't need to be packed away they can then become a handy snack container fill with sultanas or nuts!

    Love my Lunch Box loves to provide quality, affordable products that l personally use. Recommendations of products are done through our own trial of the products. I also find it important to provide products that will last, easy to use and most importantly AFFORDABLE! 

    These icy pops are priced for a pack of 4 at $12 that is $3 an icy pole BUT these ones you can REUSE over and over again unlike store brought and made icy poles! Not only do these save you money BUT you know what is going into them!!

    If you need more you can BUY 2 packs for $20, SAVE $4! - select in the top Quantity drop down and select BUY 2 AND SAVE!

    4 great colour combinations to choose from






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