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As mums we tend to focus on our children's breakfasts, lunches and food choice and we tend to forget about ourselves.

"l will grab something later" turns into never getting around to it

'Oh l had something earlier" means maybe 6hrs ago and it may of only been a coffee

"As long as the kids eat, that's more important"


These are common mum sayings when it comes to having breakfast or lunch. We need to remember that we need fuel in our bodies just as much as our children to be able to keep up and respond to our children and meet their many needs.

Without the fuel of fresh healthy food and water in our bodies we tend to be less tolerant, tasks become bigger and harder to complete and situations are harder to deal with.

Headaches and tiredness take over and it can be easy to let these emotions control are normal rational feelings, which in turn can effect all those around us especially our children and work we are required to do.

As a mum we need to prioritize our health and look after ourselves as well as we do for our children.


When we make our children's breakfast take the time to have something yourself, in reality it may take an additional 5mins of your morning but the benefits that come from this small change will greatly improve your entire say, not only will your body function better you will have more energy and you are also displaying a positive role model for your children, monkey see monkey do!

Being a positive role model for your children is important,  how often do we say "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" but as a mum skip it?

I know in the past l have skipped many a breakfast, but I now take the time and pause my morning and have something. Sometimes it is with my girls, other times l take a quiet couple of minutes while they are screaming at each other to focus on me.

I often pre-prepare smoothies the night before which then only require a quick blend in the morning to be ready to drink on the go if the need requires. Yes it does take a little extra time the night before but the benefit in the long run is worth it when your morning turns a little crazy! Also we sometimes forget a simple breakfast of eggs on toast really doesn't take as long as we think in our head.


At lunchtime the same thing tends to happen, we prepare scrumptious lunches for our children sometimes a simple sandwich and fruit but we don't make lunch for ourselves. Why is it so hard? Because we don't consider ourselves as important.


When making lunches to go off to school take the time to make one for yourself even if your going to be home as time gets away from us and once again we will end up skipping another meal. You already have the bits out for one lunch why not make another?

Now, yes l have often said take the time and you may say WHAT TIME?!?!? We are all short on time no one really ever has "spare time" and if they do please share with me! 

But you will be surprised once you start with small changes. As hard as it is, slowly it becomes a habit and then it starts to slot into your normal slightly crazy routine and then you will find yourself having more energy which will then have a knock on effect as you will start to feel fresher, tasks will be easier to do and you then may discover you have the extra time in your day to fuel your own body as well as your children

Remember these simple 3 words YOU ARE IMPORTANT

Our children, hubby, partner, family and community needs us Mums! So take the time and look after yourself, feed yourself. Your children may be number one in your life but YOU are number one in their lives (ok so that spot may be shared between dad/mum/sister/dog/grandma/bird) but you know what l mean~

YOU ARE IMPORTANT say it to yourself every morning!





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