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We all know kids run a mile at the first sign of vegetables, but if they cant see the veges then we are onto a winner!

Now l am no Chef, far from it, but l have discovered a passion for cooking since having children.

This is a VERY simple recipe, needs to be if l am creating it!


400g Tinned Tomatoes

1 Red Capsicum





1 - 2 Carrots


1 Sml Onion

6 - 8 Mushrooms


Simply chop the veggies up, smaller bits work better as they cook quicker.


Place them all ingredients into a saucepan, using the empty tomato tin fill with water and add this to the saucepan.

Place onto stove top and bring to a simmer and leave to simmer for around 20 mins, stir occasionally

Depending on quantities additional water may be required.

 Allow to cool, use a blender stick or similar and blitz the sauce until             smooth and all signs of the vegetables have disappeared!

Your hidden veggie sauce is now complete and ready to use.

I personally use on pinwheels, homemade pizza or after browning mince l  add this sauce to create Spag bol!

The sauce can also be frozen and used at a later date.


- I am no expert, you can add as little or as many vegetables as you like, capsicum can be a strong flavour so l have slowly increased the amount.

KEEP CHILDREN AWAY FROM BLOG! or they learn your tricks!!


                                        Pizza Scrolls                                                      Spag Bol



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