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Fun bites are a great easy to use tool which you can use in one smooth move to create perfect bite sized pieces for your baby or toddler.

This device creates bite sized pieces ranging from triangles, squares and hearts which children can then use to create designs on their plate as they are eating.

The sizes the Funbite creates is a perfect size for little fingers and mouths it doesn't intimidate with the size as the food is now cut down to child's size.

Pieces can then be easily picked up or if your child is sensitive aware they can use fun picks and forks to assist in eating and not worry about the sensation of touching the food with their fingers.

It is so easy to use children are encouraged to use it themselves on their food not only creating independence but if a child takes part in their food preparation the child is more likely to eat the food.

Funbites can be used on a range of food not just your sandwich it also works great on fruit and even hamburgers!


Create fun bite sized cookies too! The possibilities are endless!

It's clever design is made of two parts you use the cutter then the second part you use to push the food out this avoids any food getting stuck in corners and makes the device easier to clean it is dishwasher safe.

When using remember to do the rock rock as we like to say this makes sure you push right through the food, it is extremely tough so don't be afraid to push down!

Funbites are like their name FUN, experiment with different foods, mix and match white bread and wholemeal to create fun checkered pattern lunches or create pieces for children to build with their fun bite sized pieces.

There are many FUN possibilities let your imagination play!



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