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Fairy bread is the one staple party food required at children’s party’s.

It brings smiles to children’s faces and brings back happy memories for the grown ups.

It is always bright and fun, but now we can break away from the traditional squares and triangles with these fabulous Lunchpunch Sandwich cutters!

They are easy to use and the possibilities are endless.
From cupcakes and ice cream cones to airplanes and puppy dogs!

To create these great Ice Cream Cones it is as simple as punch, spread & sprinkle!

Step 1
- Punch the bread!
Choose the Lunchpunch to suit your theme, make a normal sprinkle sandwich then press the Lunchpunch into the bread

Step 2
- Spread the butter
Choose the area which you wish to have the sprinkles for example the top of the Ice Cream Cone, spread butter on only this section.

Step 3
- Sprinkle the sprinkles

Gently sprinkle your chosen sprinkles on the buttered section only.


And little master pieces will be created!
Children will be asking if they are even allowed to eat them as they will look so good!

We offer a great range of Lunchpunch sets, each set comes with 4 different sandwich cutters and are only $13.95 a set + postage!
We offer Australia Wide Flat Rate Postage for $9.95.

Our Sets Include
Sweet Set – Ice Cream Cone, Gumball, Birthday Cake, Cupcake
VrrRRMM – Aeroplane in cloud, Train & Caboose, Truck with Cargo, Cool Car
Critter Cutters - Mother and baby elephant, Dog in dog house, Beautiful butterfly, Twin dolphins (whales or sharks)
Sandwishes – Fairy Princess, Frog Prince, Flower Garden, Queen Or King of hearts
Match & Munch – 2 piece puzzle, 4 piece corner puzzles, 4 piece sides puzzle, 2 piece inner and side puzzle

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