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Posted by Jenny Williams on

Now why were these not around a few years ago???

I find this amazing cup to be completely awesome!

Not only is it a non-spill sippy cup but it has a built in nightlight which is light sensitive and will turn itself off!

Many of us familiar with the night time struggle of putting kids to bed and the many excuses they concoct to prolong the bedtime process, this fabulous cup helps with two old time favorite delaying tactics

  • "l need a drink" now this is a classic. Not only is the Litecup a sippy cup, it is leak proof with a 360 degree edge to sip from so no matter where they grab it from to drink it will work. They can knock it over and there will be no wet patch in the bed.
  • "It's too dark" the answer is to push the button on the bottom of the cup and instantly you have a beautiful soft glow, which l find not too bright but enough to reassure your child that there is light.

The benefits of this great cup don't stop there!

As they can also use the cup as a torch if they get up during the night to either go to the toilet or to pay Mum & Dad a visit

My girls both like a drink during the night due to the fact that they sleep with their mouth open which causes them to wake with a dry mouth and this cup has saved me from many frights as they would reach for their water bottles which they couldn't see and they would accidentally knock them off their bed side table which of course makes an extra loud crash in the middle of the night scaring me no end!

I have received great feedback from customers

"Wow, l can't believe how great this cup works, my toddler is much more settled at night with the help of the glowing cup" Jess, Taree NSW

"Thank you, l purchased this for my elderly grandmother who struggles to hold cups and sip from straws this has been perfect for her also it has reassured her at nighttime with the soft light." Leanne, Noosa QLD

"What a brilliant idea, although my little miss is creating more elaborate stories to prolong bed time this has stopped a few tricks!" Megan, Mulgrave VIC

Below are a list of the great features

• effective non spill valve minimizing life’s frustrations and clean up time from knocks, drops, tipping and spilling
• the cup rim supports bottle/beaker to cup transition – important for long term oral health
• 360 cup edge means you can drink from anywhere round the rim
• no straws or spouts which can be used for comfort sucking
• free flow natural drinking started by a small suck
• light and robust for everyday use
• great for travel and/or camping
• the integrated comforting night-light means the cup can be placed anywhere around the bed
• the night-light means your child will never lose their cup at night
• light sensitive – so you don’t even need to worry about turning it on or off
• the night-light can also be manually switched off to save on battery life
• night-light battery and LED bulb are encased in a plastic unit or litepack that can click in or out of the base
• each battery in the litepack can be changed many times over the lifespan of the long life LED (see instructions below)
• holds 330 ml of liquid
• easy to clean
• suitable for all non fizzy, cold drinks
• great for children or any member of the family looking to access the non- spill function

I am extremely happy to back this product as l personally find it invaluable!                            





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