Food Picks - what are they really good for?

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A lot of people ask me about food picks & forks, what are they really good for?

 Well to be honest l was unsure of this product when l first began this business.
But now they are one of my favorite additions l place in my children's lunch box.
For everyone they have different options and uses.
I have found that although they make a lunch box look cute and the huge variety offer many choices for each lunch and mood you want to create there is also a huge practical use for these picks and forks.
Children often struggle with hand washing and yes we all need a little dirt in our system but l have found with these little additions to their lunch box fingers are no longer used for fruit instead they get enjoyment out of stabbing their food with these fun picks. Also the forks work great for slippery foods like peaches.
Fruit Kebabs are another fun way to use Food Picks, super easy to do and they look so inviting.
Food picks not only look good but they are rather handy at holding wraps together.
Some children need a little boost during their day and for a child to open their lunchbox and find a smiling panda or a little love heart it can reassure them that someone is thinking of them.
It really takes no time to use these in your child's lunch box.
I have found on days when l have not added them into the lunch l get questioned as soon as l pick up my girls, "Mum where were our picks?" "Why didn't we get our picks mum"
People worry that they won't make it home and l am very proud to say that after 12mths we have not lost 1 pick!! Yep l am slightly proud of my girls for this achievement!
They are also a lot smaller than forks for lunches saving on space and on your home cutlery going missing!
I also have one happy customer whose child has sensory issues and finds the touch and feel of food to be distressing, since introducing  a set of Fun Fruit Forks they have found he will now eat independently which has been a huge developmental milestone.
Food picks, are they necessary? No
Are they fun? YES
Do children enjoy them? YES
Will l continue to use them and recommend them as a great, fun addition to lunch boxes? DOUBLE YES
Try a set and see your child's reaction!
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