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My lil Pouch - All stars 200ml - 5pk

My lil Pouch - All stars 200ml - 5pk

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200ML All Stars Pouches design is taking Australia by storm! Appealing to kids of all ages this design is both funky and fresh, combing on trend colours with the clear functionality in the gusset and various pouch locations. This pouch is a winner for all!

The 200ml size food pouch is ideal for bigger kids and can fit easily inside lunch boxes, backpacks and bags of all sizes. These reusable pouches work great for mess-free condiments at picnics, while on family camping trips, for active athletes, and any snacks or meals for ages three and up. Convenient for energetic kids and households on a budget, you’ll want to use these pouches every chance you get.

My Lil Pouch is a squeezable and multi-use food pouch that allows for quick and mess-free meals or snacks. Simply open the durable wide double zippered pouch, add the desired food, secure with a lid and a zip of the double ziplock, and your reusable food pouch is ready for use!

There are endless possibilities for what to put inside your food pouches! Fill them with your kids’ favourite yogurt, pudding, fruit puree’s, baby food in general, smoothies, juice and frozen treats, just to name a few!

Do you want to make a large batch of baby food or lunch box treats? These reusable food pouches are freezer safe as well!

It is dishwasher safe, freezer friendly, non-toxic and recyclable; they are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free to ensure safety for all uses. My Lil Pouch is the ultimate reusable food pouch in Australia!

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