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Daycare Lunch pack

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If you have a little one starting daycare and you need to provide a packed lunch, the Daycare Lunch Pack is a great start. The Boon Trunk/Cargo is a shallow but large lunchbox, that makes it easy for toddlers and baby to feed themselves. The sections are large enough to fit a good portion in, but small enough that the lunchbox isn't bulky and offers variety and choice to the child. 

The set includes:

1x Boon Trunk or Cargo*

1x 350ml Chiller 2 Go

2x silicone Food Cups

1x Boon Snack Cup

If you also need a cooler bag, both the Boon Trunk and Cargo fit well into the Medium Fridge 2 Go


*Please email with your preference of either the Boon Trunk, or the Boon Cargo

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