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THE ONE! Goodbyn Lunch Box Review

Posted by Jenny Williams on

Like many of you l have had the struggle to find the perfect lunch box for school.
They will seem perfect in the store, you go through the regular thoughts of what your going to put into it and yep this will be great, check  price hmm seems reasonable and yep should be easy to clean.

Then you get them home and the thoughts go to what was l thinking how am l supposed to fit anything it without squashing it, hmm easy to clean ahh nup these cracks are going to grow some interesting things and then the final thought of wasted money once again l will pop it into the back of the cupboard maybe next time l grab it out it will have magically improved! 
After many trial and error moments l finally found "THE ONE"!
It ticked the boxes - affordable, versatile, durable & easy to clean
    Now not only did l find "THE ONE" but it came in three different styles each one a winner in its own way, 2 perfect for school and 1 awesome one for around the home or snacks on the go.
    We will start with my favorite one
    This is the main lunch box for my girls, it is divided into 3 compartments, 1 large section and 2 smaller snack sections PLUS 2 leak proof dippers
    This lunch box provides maximum versatility depending on the choice of food for the day as everyday is different!
    It fits a remarkably large amount of food
    For example the snack sections are perfect for a fruit salad in one and 2 homemade cookies and 2 Milo balls in the other while the larger main section will hold a sandwich cut into squares plus the two dippers, one for peaches and the other can hold some dip for carrot sticks.
    This is more than enough food to get my girls through a busy day at school
    This a great alternative to the Hero and also fits a large amount of food.
    The Byynto is slightly different to the Hero it has 3 divided compartments which vary in size small, medium, and large
    For example the top section will fit 2 sandwiches. l personally do 1 1/2 and place a silicon food cup for extra cucumber or carrot sticks. The middle section l once again use silicon food cups to divide the space filling one with the fruit choice of the day and the other with the home baking from the week. The bottom section is then perfect for some natural popcorn or pretzels.
    • Once the lid is placed on all sections seal off from each other so your popcorn wont end up in your sandwiches unless you like that!)
    • The lid is very easy to remove and to put back on
    • Easy to clean, the Goodbyn is one smooth plastic box no sneaky cracks for food to grow
    • Carry handle
    • Range of colours - Blue, Pink, Green  and Red
    • Sticker sheets are available separately to personalize each lunch box (my stickers were placed on at the start of the year and we have not lost one yet, although l do hand wash the boxes even though they are dishwasher safe)
    This is a little different to the Hero & Bynto.
    The Mix n Match set has 5 containers - One salad or sandwich, one small meal, one snack and 2 leak proof dippers
    I have found this set extremely handy for around the home with left overs or opened packets of food.
    Also if the girls are having Tuck shop they still require a fruit break and snacks which l find these are perfect size.
    If my girls were younger l feel these would be perfect for toddler snacks on the go or storing baby's first food.
    To conclude these lunch boxes have truly been the BEST.
    I have completely changed the way l do lunches thanks to these lunch boxes and saving money as l go.
    To avoid prepackaged products, l bake a lot more which is benefiting my whole family (hubby loves it!) as l know all the ingredients l am giving them.
    Also buying bulk and separating into serves is saving on the waste, no more little packets of everything.
    This is becoming a big movement in schools, encouraging zero waste and l have found using these boxes implementing zero waste so much easier.
    I hope this has helped you in the struggle to find the perfect lunch box, as l truly believe the Goodbyn range to be hold THE ONE!
    I am also happy to answer any questions you may have in regard to these products

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    • Dear Friend,

      Thank you for your interests in bento lunch box.

      With reference to the lunch box,would you please kindly help to advise which color do you like best? We have red,green,blue,pink and purple for your option.Do you want to brand your logo at the top?What is your order quantity? Our MOQ is 500 pcs,the inner tray is made up of tritan copolyester,which is microwavable and longevity,in addition,100% leakproof for all compartment.

      What kind of package detail would you prefer? Our standard packing is one piece in OPP bag then 20 pcs per master carton. Sample can be offered for your evaluation so long as you advise your contact in detail.

      If any question you meet,please contact us freely.

      Jefferson on
    • Hi just wondering when you will get the purple Hero lunch boxes back in

      Kristy on
    • Hi just wondering when you will get the purple Hero lunch boxes back in

      Kristy on

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